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Common Questions about Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry is a major purchase and should be insured like other valuable items.  The first step is to have your jewelry evaluated by an experienced and well trained Gemologist.  At Maverick Jewelry Appraisals our appraiser is an In Residence Trained Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America as well as an American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraiser®.  Our appraiser has the educational and gemological background plus 37+ years experience to provide you with an accurate evaluation that can be submitted to the insurance carrier of your choice. Your jewelry deserves protection and security. You deserve peace of mind.​

In Residence Trained GIA Graduate Gemologists receive Diplomas because they actually attended one of the campuses of the Gemological Institute of America for the entire course and did not learn via the U.S. Mail or the Internet.   Distance Educated Gemologists only receive Certificates.  This is an important distinction.  The G.G. diploma awarded to In Residence Trained Graduate Gemologists is one of the most prestigious credentials in the industry.  GIA Graduate Gemologists hold the comprehensive knowledge of diamonds and colored stones needed to identify and evaluate your jewelry and create an appraisal that is accepted by most insurance companies in the world. 

We are very fortunate at Maverick Jewelry Appraisals in that our Graduate Gemologist has degrees not only from the Gemological Institute of America now located in Carlsbad, California but also has a Certified Gemologist Appraiser® title from the American Gem Society. 

The American Gem Society is dedicated to building trust and confidence with the jewelry-buying public. With that in mind, American Gem Society members aim to provide their customers with the very best service and information available in appraising diamonds and gemstones.

Certified Gemologist Appraisers® of the American Gem Society possess the necessary skills and experience to render valuation reports for your jewelry items. They have been educated in both gemology and the methodologies of jewelry and diamond appraisals.

The American Gem Society’s Certified Gemologist Appraiser® (CGA) title is the most highly regarded in the industry. Earning this title requires a diploma in gemology and additional advanced education, and experience in determining the value of gemstones and jewelry.  All CGA titleholders also must pass annual Recertification exams to maintain this prestigious title.

The CGA must maintain an Accredited Gem Laboratory®, consists of a gemological reference library and the gemological testing equipment necessary to provide accurate identifications.  There’s no better source for fair and accurate appraisals.

Our American Gem Society Accredited Gem Laboratory® contains:


10X hand loupe
Reichert Binocular Microscope with dark field illumination, Kalt 2x Adapter, Table Gauge, GIA Color Grading Disc and Proportionscope adapter.

Chelsea color filter

Diamond light cabinet with GIA and the AGS graded master comparison diamonds


Digital camera

Electronic gem scale (Mettler Toledo JB703-LC) with Specific Gravity Adapter SetElectronic metal scale (AND EK-1200i)

Electronic thermal tester

Fiber Optic Light Source

Heavy Liquids

Kee Gold Tester and Metal Testing Acids

Microscopic camera with display screen

Presidium gauge and Mitutoyo Screw micrometer

Presidium PMuT III Multi-Tester

Polarizing filter


Refractometer liquid


Sarin DiaScan+ Machine®

Ultra-violet light (long- and short-wave) unit

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and Steam jewelry cleaner

Yehuda Sherlock Holmes 3.0 Man-Made Diamond and Simulant tester

We also have a Complete portable gem laboratory.

Remember, the value assigned to jewelry can vary depending on the function of the appraisal or report, so it is essential to establish your needs and purpose of the appraisal with your appraiser.

Since a jewelry appraisal may be one of the most important and complicated documents to complete accurately, only a credentialed professional should provide information and reliable documentation on the quality and value of your jewelry. That is why it’s essential to work with an unbiased appraiser you can trust, a Gemologist Appraiser certified by the American Gem Society.

1. Why do I need current Insurance appraisals for my jewelry? 


Since a jewelry appraisal may be one of the most important and complicated documents to complete accurately, only a credentialed professional should provide information and reliable documentation on the quality and value of your jewelry. That is why it’s essential to work with an unbiased appraiser you can trust, a Gemologist Appraiser certified by the American Gem Society.

​By far, the most common reason for jewelry appraisal is for insurance purposes. Over the years, the value of your jewelry and gemstones can fluctuate greatly. If your last appraisal is over two years old it is out of date and, as a result your jewelry could be insured for more or less than its current replacement value. That means you risk a substantial financial loss if your jewelry is lost, stolen or damaged/destroyed. For your protection, it is recommended you have your jewelry appraised every one to two years. Maverick Jewelry Appraisals will provide you with accurate appraisal reports based on current market values so you can obtain adequate insurance coverage of your choice.



2. I have homeowner’s insurance. If I lose my jewelry, am I automatically covered?

You are NOT covered for loss or damage unless you have your jewelry recently appraised and scheduled separately on your policy.  Maverick Jewelry Appraisals will carefully document your jewelry piece by piece so you can have it properly scheduled.


Click HERE for an example of what happens when your jewelry is improperly appraised and insured.

3. What is included in a Maverick Jewelry Appraisals appraisal?


Each Maverick Jewelry Appraisals appraisal includes a complete appraisal report for your records. The appraisal contains such information as:

A.) A detailed description of gemstones and diamonds with carat weight, cut, clarity, color and measurements.

B.) A description of the mounting including measurements and description, the fineness and weight of precious metals.

C.) A photo of each piece.

4. Do I need to make an appointment for an appraisal?

Yes, it is necessary to schedule an appointment. This helps the appraiser to set aside the valuable time necessary to fully clean your jewelry and perform your appraisal in a precise manner.

5. Do I have to leave my jewelry with you to be appraised?


Yes, to help ensure your jewelry be appraised correctly we will clean and check each piece. Cleaning alone can take substantial time.  Even the smallest amount of debris between a prong and a stone, for example, can alter the appearance of the stone's true color. 

Leaving your jewelry assures time for proper cleaning, unhurried analysis and proper market research to ensure accuracy.

6. How much should I expect to pay for an appraisal?


Maverick Jewelry Appraisals charges a flat, per item, fee for in house evaluations.  For additional fees we can come to you.  Our fees are based on the time necessary to perform all tests, take measurements and photographs of each piece of jewelry and to do the proper market research.  Currently the in-house fee is $100.00 for one (or first) piece and $65.00 for each additional piece when taken in as one appraisal group on the same date and time.  We do have to charge extra for Charm or Slide bracelets as each charm/link must be described.  Fees determined by the value of the jewelry taken in for appraisal is considered to be unethical.​

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